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A desire you can’t control isn’t pleasure, it’s pain…

“STOP Being a Slave and Make Sex
a Joy and a Freedom Once Again!”

Take back control, stop being dragged around by merciless
compulsions and LIVE the way you WANT to live!


From the Desktop of Linda Cummings,
Date: Saturday, December 18, 2010
Subject: Choosing how you live your life, not letting the decisions be made for you.

Let’s be honest and talk straight to one another here for a moment shall we?

You and I both know that there’s a difference between a healthy, vigorous sex life and an uncontrolled addiction. At first glance it may not be obvious exactly what that difference is, after all sex is one of life’s greatest pleasures, right?

Or is it….

How pleasurable is it when you lose your job, destroy friendships, or ruin relationships because you have no ability to control your compulsions?

How pleasurable is it when you get outed in embarrassing situations or end up in legal trouble through feeling the need to cross the line to satisfy your cravings?

How pleasurable is it to be thrown around at the whim of dependence like a tiny boat in the middle of the ocean during a great storm, with no way to decide what direction your life turns?

Make no mistake…

Sex is pleasure, but sex addiction is the gradual
destruction of everything truly good in your life.


There can be no true pleasure in your life if you are not free. And there can be no freedom in your life without choice. Addiction, whether it is to sex or anything else, removes your ability to choose.

It is only when there is the ability to say “No” that there is also the capacity to fully say “Yes” and plumb the deepest levels of joy and pleasure.

Without choice there is only the shell of enjoyment. A brief few moments of the thinnest possible escapism, after which the darkness closes in again.

When you are addicted to sex your mind may trick you into believing you are in the pursuit of pleasure, but in fact you are instead condemning yourself to ongoing pain.

The real pursuit of pleasure is demanding
that choice be returned to your life once again.


When you have choice you can decide to have incredible sex when you desire it, without sacrificing all of the other things that are good in your life.

When you have choice you can once again enjoy the glow after a mindblowing union, instead of feeling the emptiness rushing back in.

When you have choice YOU decide the direction your life goes in, YOU do exactly what you want to do and YOU get to reap all the rewards that come with having control of yourself once again.

You can take back that choice, and take back your life and truly pleasurable sex along with it.

All you need is to discover how to:

  • Tell the difference between healthy desire and uncontrolled compulsion
  • Identify the myths of sex addiction so other people’s issues don’t become yours
  • Begin the process of moving towards recovering full and conscious choice
  • Start making step by step changes to put your life back on track
  • Reconstruct your life so sex addiction is replaced far greater pleasures!

You’re about to be handed an all inclusive guide that lays out in explicit detail exactly how to find an all new level of freedom and pleasure in your life that you have never before experienced.


“Stop Sex Addiction”

Your Freedom, Your Choice, Your Life, Your Pleasure

Stop Sex Addiction

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“Stop Sex Addiction” NOW!


This guide will put you back in the driver’s seat and give you a roadmap to choice and freedom.

  • Understand exactly what addiction is so you can stop being pulled into life damaging encounters and choose earth shattering healthy sex instead
  • Skip over uninformed ideas about sex addiction and get straight into using effective strategies that actually work
  • Create a new ‘fantasy’ for your future that actually enriches your life as you move towards making it a reality
  • Replace addiction with joy and pleasure piece by piece until all the emptiness is gone and only freedom and choice remain
  • And much, much more!

Just follow the steps in this guide and
watch your life change before your eyes!

Let’s face it, without help it can be extremely difficult if not impossible to turn your life around.

But at the same time, there are some kinds of problems that are very uncomfortable to share with your friends and family.

Through this guide you’ll get the help you need, without having to sit through any awkward conversations with people you’d rather didn’t know the intimate details of your life.

Don’t let an addiction to sex erode away everything you truly love and value.

The faster you act to demand that choice and freedom be returned to you the sooner you will be able to find a level of peace and pleasure that is simply not possible while addiction is present in your life.

Every moment an addiction is left untreated it grows stronger and stronger, so every second counts.

Now is the time to grab your life by both hands and tell it exactly what direction you want it to take!

With a little help, your future is about to become your own once again.


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“Stop Sex Addiction”

Your Freedom, Your Choice, Your Life, Your Pleasure

Stop Sex Addiction

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“Stop Sex Addiction” NOW!

To your freedom, your choice, your life and your pleasure!

Warm Regards,

Linda Cummings

P.S. Remember, healthy sex is pleasure but sex addiction is the gradual destruction of your life

P.P.S Every second your addiction is untreated it grows stronger so NOW is the time to act! 


Click here to download
“Stop Sex Addiction” NOW!